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. . . something of value that is possessed or controlled in an exchange or appropriation; an abundance of material possessions, resources or riches; financial resources acceptable as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts; money or anything that can be converted into money is a financial resource of monetary wealth, which is anything that has its value (monetary value) revealed through the process of exchange (buying and selling) or use. answers the following question: Why does money have value?

Tied to the writings of Adam Smith (1776: The Wealth of Nations), the expression, creation of wealth, has been put to use many times in defining economic development. For example, Sedgwick County, KS used the expression in a 2009 budget proposal as follows: The economic development process is about ... promoting, initiating, supporting, and facilitating the creation of wealth and employment opportunities (source of quote). This glossary you are using has a definition of community wealth.

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