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voice of the customer:

. . . in the context of improvement initiatives that become components of enterprise development, VOC aka customer speak refers to the position of the customer as having the final say about about the acceptability of products and services. This is especially true in free market systems where enterprise and economic development thrive in an environment of competition; where customers decide whether the cost and quality of goods and services is acceptable. It behooves employers and employees to hear and understand customer speak.

Voice of the customer as defined above demands attention, does it not? On the one hand it might reflect the perspective of a number customers that don't think they are getting their money's worth. That voice might be heard heard through a drop in market share. On the other hand VOC might be a a specification-based perspective; one important customer an enterprise can't afford to lose that says a product lacks the quality specified and expected. Either way, things have to improve or the operation goes out of business and jobs are lost. Hearing customer speak and acting on it can mean jobs are saved and, if all goes well with process improvement, jobs might be created. That means voice is important throughout a community because it can mean job retention and jobs creation.

The Voice of the Customer is the title of an article from Marketing Since (1993). The article points out the use of the expression in conjunction with quality function deployment (acronym: QFD), a total-quality or quality management process. The emphasis is on marketing research, product development and engineering its production. In essence the marketing research is consists of listening to customers and analyzing what they have to say as well as developing product promotional strategies through focus groups.

Voice of The Customer is a trademark.The trademark owner is involved in telemarketing. A Wikipedia article about conversion marketing identifies Voice of the Customer as services that provide . . . feedback about products, services, and online experiences that is captured through carefully analyzed structured and unstructured data.

has more information about attention to customer speak relates to job security, and Having a poor work ethic or even a rightfully pugnacious attitude towards management that affects what customers require and need forebodes trouble ahead. It behooves everyone in the enterprise to hear and understand customer speak.

VOC means that customers speak by buying or not buying goods and services. It suggests that the buyer is the ultimate business decision maker. In a market economy wherein businesses are allowed to compete on a level playing field their future and the jobs they provide depend upon actions taken that relate to customer satisfaction.

defined here in three waystwo expression of the free market system meant to focus the attention of owners and operators of businesses, as well as their employees, on a basic truth: Customers hold the power to determine their future such that it is important that workers as well as their employers hear the voices of customers.

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The Pinnacle Partners Quality Glossary states that VOC speaks to the . . . stated and unstated needs or requirements of the customer. The voice of the customer can be captured in a variety of ways: Direct discussion or interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer specifications, observation, warranty data, field reports, complaint logs, etc. (source of quote).

Can you hear the customer speaking?

Customer speak is an . . . expression of the free market system meant to focus the attention of owners and operators of businesses, as well as their employees, on a basic truth: Customers hold the power to determine their future . . . (source of quote).

Customer speak has an effect on enterprise and economic development. Initiatives, such as cost reduction and quality improvement as well as pursuit of excellence, which become components of enterprise development as a result of paying attention of the voice of the customer can contribute to jobs retention (and jobs creation as well) for locations seeking economic development. The suggestion is that community economic development programs include advocating that employees as well as employers have an open ear and understanding of the force of power of customer speak.

The suggestions below in italics are search terms for copying and using to Google the Web for more information customer speak and voice of the customer, especially, as the two expressions relate to the .network enterprise and economic development mission.

The mention of quality, for example, further defines voice of the customer or customer speak in terms of quality initiatives. The following quote is copied from the definition of quality initiative: The customer's definition of quality is the only one that matters.

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