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liner arrangement of dates organized for quick reference; a layout of points in time, such as a time fame set for initiating and completing a site selection project enhanced with dates ticked to show when certain objectives are to be reached. Timelines are snapshots of events progression, e.g., the one shown here of certain points during the 1990 to 2000 time fame that Economic Development Services, Inc. transitioned from consulting firm to online enterprise providing resources in support of its .network mission.

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related: enterprise; mission; goals and objectives; time clock; time is money

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FYI: definition of timeline define timeline what are timelines define time line what are time lines what is a timeline within a time frame definition of timelines what is a time line for completing a site location project what is a time line for completing a site selection project completing a project in segments using a timeline for organizing the enterprise and economic development network of Economic Development Services


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