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. . . the planned or actual application of methods, practices and procedures aimed at accomplishing a specific mission, goal or objective; likewise, a planned, methodical approach to addressing a problem or opportunity. Wikipedia has a strategy article.

Strategic planning is a visioning process that defines how to go about achieving something desired or sought. The resulting strategy developed and set to be carried out requires such things as marshalling resources and managing risk. Another answer to the question of what strategic planning is can be found at Simply Strategic

Strategies of various modes of sophistication are formulated and used by leaders engaged in generalship, for example, business decision makers and their counterparts involved in the development of locations seeking enterprise and economic development.

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visioning enterprise and economic development strategies:

Various participants in the .network mission use visualization when developing strategies.

Visioning (visualization) is seeing beforehand in your mind's eye what you want to happen in the sense that you follow an act to be taken to its conclusion using mental imagery.

For example, say you are about to make a golf shot that you want to be a hole-in-one. Visioning means that you would look at the green from where you are about to address the ball and mentally rehearse by following its virtual flight to the flagstick.

The example is tied to a Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN article online titled The Effects of Mental Imagery on Athletic Performance. The writer of the Vanderbilt article acknowledges a Stanford University, Stanford, CA source article titled Mental Imagery for input. The Stanford article offers the following definition of visioning:

(Mental imagery) . . . resembles perceptual experience, but occurs in the absence of the appropriate external stimuli. It is also generally understood to bear intentionality (i.e., mental images are always images of something or other), and thereby to function as a form of mental representation (source of quote).

Examples of those who engage in visioning (and enjoy sports analogies like the one about golf above) are, for one, entrepreneurs. They are likely to have some sort of mental imagery of what the ventures they are planning will look like after startup. It wouldn't be surprising to find that almost all business decision makers engaged as enterprise developers have visions of how their projects will fit into their overall business plans.

Many area and local development representatives as well as other stakeholders in economic development regularly go through mental rehearsals. Among them are economic development leaders who need to sell their plans and strategies. More information in the NW article, Leadership and Visioning.

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