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small business:

. . . an enterprise as an operating entity with a limited number of employees; a business of limited size, the smallest, a nanocorp. A micro-business is among the smallest also. No matter how small, small businesses are important to economic development.

Among the small business job creators are independent workers. They may create only one job when they become small business owners but their numbers add up. Many small business owners are hands-on managers, especially when starting out as entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial startup creates business enterprises which grow to become large businesses. In the process, growing small businesses become recognized as companies on the move. The process is one of enterprise and economic development.

The website of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) has a Guide to Size Standards. The website of the European Commission (Europa) has information about small and medium-sized enterprises with a definition of the acronym SME.

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small business ownership:

Risk as a part of the definition of small business is, for example, a part of ownership. Risk is everywhere. That applies to entrepreneurs before they become small business owners. Small business ownership requires risk management.

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