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The glossary is sponsored by Pinnacle Partners, Inc. (PPI), an association of business professionals that have implemented successful change initiatives and improvement strategies in corporate, business unit, and operations functions ... (source)

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List of quality-related terms:

define andon
define balanced scorecard
define batch-and-queue
define batch size reduction
define benchmarking
define best practice
define Black Belt
define business excellence
define business process quality management
define business value added
define capability
define cause
define cell
define cellular processing and decision
define champion
define changeover
define change agent
define change management
define charter / define improvement project charter
define content time
define continuous flow processing
define continuous improvement
define control chart
define control plan
define cost of quality
define critical to quality / CTQ is acronym
define customer
define customer demand
define customer focus
define customer requirements
define cycle time
define dashboard
define data
define defect
define defects per million / DPMO is acronym
define demand
define deming cycle / PDSA is acronym / about Edwards Deming
define design for Six Sigma / FSS is acronym
define design of experiments / DOE is acronym
define DMAIC acronym
define D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E acronym (see 7 or 8 wastes of lean)
define drift
define effect
define EPE acronym
define excess inventory
define excess processing
define FIFO acronym
define financial metrics
define 5 whys
define 5s
define flow
define flowchart
define focused kaizen
define goal
define Green Belt
define group products/services
define hard savings
define heijunka
define ISO acronym
define ISO certification
define in-control
define inventory
define inventory excess
define JIT acronym
define kaizen
define kanban
define lead time
define lean enterprise
define lean manufacturing
define lean Six Sigma
define lean thinking
define lean tool box
define low hanging fruit
define Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
define Master Black Belt
define milk run
define motion / define excess motion
define muda / define muda waste (redundancy)
define noise
define non-value-added time
define not utilizing people
define operational definitions
define output
define overproduction
define paced withdrawal
define pacemaker process
define point kaizen
define poka-yoke
define procedures
define process
define process behavior charts
define process control
define process control plan
define processing excess / what is processing?
define process kaizen
define process lead time
define process management
define process map
define process owner
define processing time
define product
define project scope
define project selection
define pull system
define push system
define quality
define quality control
define quality function deployment / QFD is acronym
define quality improvement
define quality management
define queue time
define reengineering
define rework
define root cause
define root cause analysis
define scope
define scorecard
define 7 or 8 wastes of lean
define sigma
define sigma level
define signal
define SIPOC acronym
define Six Sigma
define spaghetti diagrams
define soft savings
define stakeholder
define stakeholder analysis
define standard operating procedures
define standardized work / what is work?
define statistical process control / SPC is acronym
define statistical thinking
define statistics
define strategic planning
define supermarket
define supply chain management
define synchronous flow
define system kaizen
define system of profound knowledge
define systems thinking
define takt time
define team leader
define throughput
define total content time
define total cycle time
define total quality management
define total work content time
define travel/transportation
define value
define value-added
define value-added time
define value chain
define value proposition
define value stream
define value stream loops
define value stream manager
define value stream mapping
define variation
define visual controls
define voice of the customer / VOC is acronym
define voice of the process / VOP is acronym
define waiting or wait time
define waste
define WIP acronym
define work content time
define work flow
define work in process

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The page is titled PPI, which stands for Pinnacle Partners, Inc. of Oak Ridge, TN. It is an addendum to the Enterprise and Economic Development Glossary.

The PPI Quality Glossary is a document of the Economic Development Network website, Arrangement of the linked word define and and terms above accommodate efficient use of the first search tool provided below. The suggestion below applies to searching for all terms in the Enterprise and Economic Development Glossary, not just those related to quality initiatives, excellence, or business solutions. Select define linked to move directly to a definition in the PPI Quality Glossary or elsewhere.

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