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project management:

the application of methods and techniques as well as skills, abilities, and experience in order to direct, handle, or control an undertaking typically set within a designated timeframe and guided by an objective set as specifications, stipulations, criteria, or other wants and needs as conditions for reaching a successful conclusion (source of quote).

A project is defined elsewhere as a collaborative enterprise (source of quote), making the point that in order to get things done building and maintaining working relationships is important. Project managers coordinate and control the working relationships.

Peter Drucker said management of people should be the first and foremost concern of operating managements, rather than the management of things and techniques (source of quote). Quoting the Oxford English Dictionary (collaborative enterprise) and Drucker; however, doesn't, take away from responsibilities for managing things.

A set of specs is the center point for controlling the temporary endeavor that is a business focused project. Specifications are inner workings of, for example, enterprise development projects and construction projects which are of interest to .network core users. An article titled Business Focused Project Management comments on concepts and issues of interest to users dealing with enterprise development goals and objectives.

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