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. . . in general, an assemblage identified by the common interests, statuses or likenesses of its entities. A business peer group is made up of individuals or entities that have similar characteristics, for example, entrepreneurs and startup companies. In other words, business peer groups have a sameness about them. Groups of participants who network, or individuals who influence each another's behaviors and actions, are made up of, for example, business decision makers; therefore, CEO's are a peer group. A sub-category of sorts would be CEO's within a similar industry group—an industry peer group. The term industry peer groups refers to entities within in the same industry.

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The GRC is a directory maintained in a share network for those interested or engaged in the type of enterprise development that brings about economic development in locations everywhere that are seeking enterprise and economic development.

The GRC is a free access resource for .network users. Through it they can find resource and service providers, i.e., .network mission contacts. Search the GRC for places of interest and find your way to information about them provided by location data suppliers.

If you are a resource or service provider of the type described above you can use the GRC to find and make contact with your peer group.

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