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a place of work; a building (office building) or part of a building (office area) where people on-the-job engage in administrative, accounting, clerical and other support services within an enterprise, typically a business. An independent worker may likely have a home office (office area—select link to see pictures of various home office areas).

In a relatively large enterprise or one with scattered locations there may be a number of offices, some specialized, such as an office of human resources.

The front office generally refers to where top-level business decision makers are located or where the organization interfaces with the public, where certain types of customers can do business. For enterprises with scattered operations, the expression used to identify where decision makers are located might be home office instead of front office.

There are sales offices for many types of businesses, for example, real estate sales offices, typically were a broker is located and paperwork is handled. Today's communication technology facilitates sales and customer service operations from back offices. In general, the back office is defined as a place for enterprise operation support services where there is no need for public or regular customer visitations.

related: operating entity; productivity; facility; office park; contact center

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