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a managed system of operating entities, such as computers, which typically has a purpose related to productivity and support; a group of people who interact and communicate informally about a common interest while building or maintaining relationships (networking) in the process.

Networkers engage in building and maintaining relationships with others. They make up networks and have contacts within them. Business development often involves one person making contact with another and initiating a networking session. To network is to participate in an event of purposeful information exchange (source of quote)

The Network operating entities are websites. The networked websites have a guiding purpose to help make enterprise and economic development happen in locations throughout the world (source of quote). The websites altogether support a mission by providing resources to members of the .network core user group. It is made up of several types of networks in that regard. For example, it's a site selection network because site selection is a productivity process within enterprise development of the type that makes economic development happen. Various contacts listed in the Global Registry of Contacts use The Network as an economic development network.

Unrelated to enterprise and economic development are various articles about networks and networking published by Wikipedia.

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