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. . . the faculty of knowing where you are in relationship to where you are headed. It is simply the activity of making your way towards a destination.

Navigating includes constantly determining present position and location while being alert to distance traveled as well as that yet to be traveled.

To navigate refers to following a planned course through an environment while being alert and coping with obstructions. To navigate online refers to working one's way through the Internet as well as other computer networks. The following linked graphics shown as three file folders will explain more about navigation through The Network.

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.network websites (linked graphics)
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file folder represents SLA website
file folder represents FMH website
file folder represents EDN website

Linked graphics above illustrate three file folders separated from a stack the same as they are on page 2 of Introduction to The Network. The illustration gives you a snapshot of the first step in learning about .network navigation. By moving to the second separated folder down from the stack and either choosing to select it or an item from the adjacent pull-down menu you experience additional steps of .network navigation.

Websites represented by the folders are listed by initials below . URL address strings are linked for entering individual websites. Useful resources are listed as linked text.


FMH / Find Me Here /
FMH provides access to search tools.
FMH houses the Enterprise & Economic Development Library
FMH houses the Enterprise & Economic Development Glossary
FMH houses the Global Registry of Contacts

EDN / Economic Development Network /
EDN zeros in on economic development resources
EDN has a glossary addendum of terms that begin with the word economic

EDN houses The Definition of Economic Development Collection
EDN provides access to directories for finding location data suppliers

SLA / Site Location Assistance /
SLA zeros in on site selection as a process of enterprise development
SLA is a resource extension of the Enterprise & Economic Development Library

SLA supports the Global Registry of Contacts with regional site selection resources


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