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. . . having the characteristics of or applying to money, currency, coinage and the like.

Monetary management (money management) refers to assuming the risks of dealing with and controlling money matters—link is to Money Matters, which also offers a monetary glossary. Government uses the monetary word in lieu of the money word. For example, governments have monetary polices which require monetary reform when things get out of hand or are believed to be headed that way by the powers that be.

Monetary taxes are levied on the movement of money and things of monetary value. Wikipedia has several mentions of monetary in its article about taxes. Wikipedia's bank tax article refers to the IMF FAT—IMF identifies the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC. The IMF website has a glossary of financial terms and information about each of its 188 member countries.

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What is a financial activities tax?

A financial activities tax (FAT) is a monetary tax for generating a . . . government revenue stream (source of quote). A FAT is also identified as a bank tax . . . raised on the sum of bank profits and bankers’ remuneration packages with the proceeds going into general government revenues (source of quote). The website,, has an article titled: Understanding the International Monetary Fund's financial activities tax (FAT) IMF identifies the International Monetary Fund. Wikipedia has an article about the IMF. You can access the IMF website and a couple of its resources at the top of this page.


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