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mission participant:

. . . a person or organized group engaged in an endeavor of special or focused assignment. To assign a mission is to impose a duty, responsibility, or obligation on oneself or likewise charge a group to a common purpose.

Organizing a mission starts with setting forth a statement of purpose. A broad mission statement (statement of purpose) addresses a core philosophy and establishes values for measuring accomplishment(s). It's a guide to help mission participants develop strategies and make decisions. A mission statement should be concise but provide enough information so that non-participants understand its purpose and objectives. Non-participants might be interested, even as stakeholders, but they are not engaged.

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.network mission participants:

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The mission of The Network is organized for a core user group. We (who we are) operate The Network to provide mission resources.

Anyone interested in enterprise and economic development, anywhere, and wanting to become a mission participant is welcomed to do so—participation is free. And, supported with resources provided through a share network whose visitors, users as well as mission participants are not monitored; however, help is available for the asking.

.network core users:

They are enterprise developers and resource and service providers as well as economic and community development leaders. Enterprise developers are business decision makers, leaders of fast-growing companies or companies on the move.

Enterprise developers are entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent workers. They create jobs and community wealth. They initiate quality initiatives, continuous improvement efforts as well as individual and corporate pursuits of excellence.

Resource and service providers are .network mission contacts. Included among them are area and local development representatives. Also, among them are commercial and industrial real estate owners, developers, sales representatives, and site selection consultants. And, other consultancies and providers of business solutions as well.



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