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defined in the context of enterprise and economic development, the result of development as a process of change reflecting progress. Leadership and growth speaker and writer, John Maxwell, states: Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

The following is a quote from a video explanation of the difference between growth and development: Growth is quantitative increase of physical dimensions by assimilation or increasing of material. Difference explains growth vs development also.

The expression, fast growing company, helps explain enterprise development, especially as the latter satisfies the needs of locations seeking economic development—places that should analyze growth potential as they seek opportunities for entering the growth process. Also, such places need an infrastructure for growth to attract prospects.

The operative words for defining growth as explained above are development and progress. See Economic Development vs Economic Growth at The article touches on growth impact as it points out the human development index published by the United Nations and it raises the question of sustainable growth. A quote from the article helps expand information in the .network collection of economic development definitions. The collection is available for you to peruse in About Economic Development.

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infrastructure for growth:

an underlying base needed for a stage of development.

For example, economic growth is supported by infrastructure that facilitates production of goods and services. Economic growth is measured by comparing what happens from one time period to another. (It) can be measured in nominal terms, which include inflation, or in real terms, which are adjusted for inflation (source of quote).

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