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a region of national identity recognized as having a fixed border—a nation-state is a country in the context of it being a culturally homogeneous population living, working, and sharing a location as a people united under a national or central government.

The Network defines countries in terms of location because of its dedication to providing resources for enterprise and economic development. Starting with the big picture, countries are located in global regions.

Using the big picture idiom provides the opportunity to point out that the borders of countries can be seen by referring to up-to-date maps, such as those available in the Map Room of the Enterprise & Economic Development Library. makes the point that State with a capital S is a self-governing political entity. The term State can be used interchangeably with country (source of quote).

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a people:

a human grouping having some characteristics of a population, especially those broadly applicable to identifying a culture in the context of its ethnic (ethnicity) heritage and language, but without considering the current location of its existence as a community. People in this context are a nation with indications of that terms reference to nation-state removed. A Wikipedia article about ethnic groups has a section titled Ethnicity and nation.

A people that settle an area as an ethnic group, essentially, establishes a place where its members live, work, and share things in common (definition of community).

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