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. . . about or related to commerce. The term commercial enterprise (a business enterprise) is an example of relationship to commerce. Advertising combined with sponsorship creates a commercial in the radio and television business. The real estate industry has three primary market segments: residential, industrial and commercial. states the following about commercialism: . . . in its original meaning, (commercialism) is the practices, methods, aims, and spirit of commerce or business. Today, however, it primarily refers to the tendency within capitalism to try to turn everything into objects and services sold for the purpose of generating profit (source of quote).

related: commercialism; commercial sector; commercial and industrial real estate

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marketing mix:

. . . reference to the organization and management of planning elements (marketing plans) and control of goods and services in their markets. The website of Mind Tools Ltd, London, UK, offers an article titled The Marketing Mix and 4 Ps / Understanding How to Position Your Market Offering. Scroll down to Google the Web for more information.

The share network in which you find the above definition of marketing mix is dedicated to enterprise and economic development. The component of enterprise development, site selection, is of interest to economic developers; therefore, the following four elements of marketing mix are shown in the context of economic development.

(1) product = locations seeking enterprise and economic development
(2) place = places of interest to (1) site selectors; (2) enterprise developers
(3) price = that which is arrived at through a meeting of the minds
(4) promotion = economic development marketing and followup!
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