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. . . resembling or having characteristics of a business, however, without profit motivation; the way in which an enterprise is organized and managed such that in all outward appearances it might be seen as a business; an organization that conducts its affairs in the same manner as that of a business enterprise while seeking gain as a nonprofit.

The above definitions explain the use of business and business-like as follows: Enterprise development is a process managed by risk takers leading existing business and business-like organizations as well as those starting up new ventures (source of quote)

As an idiom, business-like suggests that one appears to be a business person. In other words, the idiomatic expression refers to a display of business demeanor. People, for example, displaying a strictly business demeanor at a networking event risk appearing pompous, thus loosing the attention of others to whom they introduce themselves.

The term spelled, businesslike, has essentially the same meaning as that of the idiom. The Free definition indicates that a businesslike person is methodical, systematic, purposeful, earnest, practical and/or unemotional to the extent that such characteristics are . . . advantageous to or of use in business (source of quote).

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