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a possession that has value in an exchange; something owned (a property asset) that can be converted to capital. The website,, has an articles titled Elements of the financial Statements and Recognition of Assets. Tangible assets you can touch. has comments along with definitions of intangible assets.

While property might be used as a one-word description of assets, it's not that simple. Assets made up of properties, plants, and equipment (PPE) are fixed (tangible fixed assets) as compared to current assets. states that the latter are those that form part of the circulating capital of a business (source of quote). Keeping it simple, Tutor2u further states that a fixed asset is an asset of a business intended for continuing use, rather than a short-term, temporary asset such as stocks.

Wikipedia has an article titled Capital accumulation which mentions financial assets—those that are funds on hand or are readily available to be claimed through an existing contract, for example, deposit accounts. offers a concise comparison of monetary and non-monetary assets.

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